DIY Decor Kit Quarterly Subscription Box

$65.00 every 3 months

If you are a creative soul at heart, then this is the subscription box for you….. 4 times a year, a box of seasonal/holdiay mini DIY decor projects will be delivered to you.  You’ll get over 20 projects, and we supply all the glue, beads and ribbon.   You just add “Paint, Create & Decorate!”  All the details are below.

DIY Decor Kit Quarterly Subscription Box is not available until 05/21/2024.

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Explore your creative side with our DIY Decor Kits

Our kits will arrive 4 times a year.   If you have a tiered tray or accent shelf you love to decorate, our mini decor projects are the perfect solution.

No more running around to different craft stores or endlessly scrolling to find cohesive craft projects.   When our box arrives – you just add paint, create & decorate.  When completed you will have 3 months’ worth of decor made & ready to display!

The Winter box will include: 

  • 24 “Mini Decor” projects
    • 4 base pieces
    • 3 interchangeable collections with 6-7 projects each
  • 1 tube of gel super glue
  •  Some basic application tools
  • A full video tutorial on YouTube & printed instructions
  • A bonus “Crafting Tool” to compliment your projects
  • Access to live “Craft with Me” sessions in our exclusive Facebook Group
  • Links to all the products we use to complete the kit
  • So much more!
  • Shipping will be $9.50 per kit, in a box that will do double duty for storing your finished projects when not in use.
    • Free Local Pickup in Grand Forks, ND is available
Future kits may fit the current season or holiday and sometimes they will have everyday decor.   All will be “pint sized” & perfect for decorating a fun little section of your home.

The only thing you have to provide is your own paint and creativity.   We know you’re a crafter and have your own stash of paint with colors you love.   We show you how we paint and assemble the kit, but we’d never presume to dictate what colors you should use.

Besides, if we don’t have to send paint, that keeps the price of the kits affordable and we can add more fun projects for you!50

You are going to LOVE the bonus crafting tools in this box.  

  1. Tassel Maker to make 3 sizes of tassels
  2. Yarn to make the tassel for the garland project in this box

Just add your own paint, create & decorate!

If you choose to join our Subscription Box today, you will be charged for your first box when you check out.   You will receive your box about 10 business days later.   Then our schedule will follow as such:

  • Billed on or around February 21 – Kit ships before March 5

  • Billed on or around May 21 – Kit ships before June 5

  • Billed on or around August 21 – Kit ships before September 5

  • Billed on or around November 21 – Kit ships before December 5

There will a limited number of subscriptions available.  We will do a live unboxing before we ship each kit, and if we are selling any extra pieces to coordinate with the kit, you can purchase them before we ship out your kit, with no additional shipping charge.

Each project is easy to complete!

Each project is small and easy to paint using any craft paint.   The scored lines make it easy to paint and add detail.  Projets are layered and precision cut, so assembly is a breeze!

Here’s a look at what’s in the box & how we painted them.   You can paint all the unfinished projects to your preference.

Your Base Pieces...

The St. Patrick's Day Collection

The Easter Collection

Putting it all together......

The video instructions are on YouTube.   Pull them up on your phone, laptop or smart TV and start creating.  The projects are timestamped in the video description, so you can go right to what you are working on.

Box members are going to get early access to the video, before it goes public.  You can watch and start planning your color selections and when your box arrives you can start creating right away.

Have your own craft party

There’s enough projects in each box for you to have a full blown craft party.   Get together with your family and friends, watch the video or pull out the instruction booklet and let the creative fun begin!

Need More Spring Decor?

We added an extra collection that  you can purchase to compliment your Winter box.   If you want to add it on for an additional $12, it will ship out with your box with no additional shipping charge.

Meet the "He is Risen" Collection!

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in