My Snowy Valentine DIY Décor Kit


This is an unfinished kit with 5 interchangeable projects!  You just add your own paint and glue to complete this kit.  You will get printed instructions and there is a complete tutorial on YouTube.

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Winter & Valentine’s Day Decor – Done & Done!

This kit packs a punch with 5 interchangeable decor projects.   Each one has a design for Winter and for Valentine’s day that can easily be swapped out – so really it is 10 projects

This kit is  an ideal addition to your everyday decor.  Remember – this kit is UNFINISHED and is ready for you to add your own paint and glue to complete it.  

This Kit includes the following:

  1. Reversible Circle Sign

  2. Interchangeable Gnome Box Sign

  3. Interchageable Square Box Sign

  4. Crate with Interchangeable Tags

  5. Interchangeable Garland with Reversible Tags

We used Waverly chalk paint from Walmart (Crimson, White, Agave, Ocean, Antique Wax & more), but any brand of chalk paint, paint markers or craft paint will work.  For the smaller pieces – paint markers work really well. 

You can use gel super glue from the Dollar Tree to adhere all the pieces.  You can also use wood glue if you want more time to work with the piece before it sets up.

You will also need some small paint brushes, foam makeup sponges or foam brushes to paint it all, and some cotton swabs,  toothpicks and baby wipes for cleanup.

Your kit will come with printed instructions.   There is also a complete YouTube tutorial for this kit.

Projects included in this kit......

1 - Reversible Circle Sign

This sign is about 4.75″ round and comes with a stand.   One side will have a winter design and the other will have a Valentine’s Day design.   Just flip it around to display each one.

2- Interchangeable Gnome Box Sign

This 4″ x 6″ box frame has a magnet in the middle.   Each sign has a metal disk on the back.   You can easily switch between your Winter Gnome and your Valentine’s Day Gnome!

3 - Interchangeable Square Box Sign

This is a 5″ square sign that also features a magnet and metal disks just like the gnome sign.

4 - Crate with Interchangeable Tags

This mini crate is equal parts versitile and adorable.   Finished size is 4″ wide x 3″ deep x 2″ tall.   There are 4 interchangeable hanging tabs.   One for winter, one for Valentine’s Day and two blank tags for you to decorate as you wish.

5 - Interchangeable Garland with a Reversible Tags

This project features a base garland and tassel with a lobster claw clasp.   The winter and Valentine’s Day reversible tags are about 4″ tall x 2.5″ wide with coordinating ribbon and beads.  They have a D ring on one end that hooks into the clasp for an easy design swap.

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in